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The Purple Elephant Thrift Shoppe

Our non-profit organization has always provided services free of charge.  In the fall of 2018 with service areas growing and wanting to continue to provide services free of charge, our Board of Directors was confronted with a challenge.  As we gathered together, we realized we were of one mind:  What we needed to support our durable medical equipment and incontinent supply programs was A Thrift Shop.  What we envisioned was unlike anything already in the area. If done right and if the community would come together to support us, this thrift, which would soon be called The Purple Elephant Thrift Shoppe, could support our direct client services far into the future.  Together we created the image of what we wanted and though it seemed impossible, no one could stop us from dreaming.   

In the spring of 2019, two board members were driving downtown when they noticed a door between The Gathering Grounds and Long Realty.  This doorway had seemingly appeared overnight, at least to the two women.   They went next door to the realtor's office and were given a key to look inside the doorway, which turned out to be two adjoining buildings, built in 1935  with the store front and one behind the realty office.  The year-long adventure of purchasing and restoring those buildings began.  We won't go into that here as there is a power point presentation outlining this construction project to be available by the end of 2021.  


On October 14, 2020, the doors opened to The Purple Elephant Thrift Store, a furniture and art thrift.  We are not in competition with the Methodist Thrift down the street, which sells clothing, housewares and other small items.  Also housed in our new building is a conference room where we meet clients to talk privately about advanced directives and other end of life issues, the Lending Shed Showroom and a small administrative area for Family Health Care Amigos.  Thrift and Lending Shed hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 9am to 2pm. Artists in the community have supported our work by donating original artwork.  We think we have a unique thrift store.  Please come by and see us.


There is also a collection and distribution hub in Huachuca City, with a donation kiosk by the public library and durable medical equipment and incontinent supply distribution the first Wednesday of the month at the Senior Center.  

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