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Our History
In 1976, the Family Health Center of Patagonia, then known as the Carolina Montoya Clinic, was incorporated as a private non-profit. At that time, our organization managed
all aspects of the clinic's operations.
In 1990, the Carolina Montoya Clinic became a satellite location for the Mariposa Community Health Center, which is located in Nogales, Arizona. During that time, the Carolina Montoya Clinic was renamed the Family Health Center.  In 2003, our organization voted to officially rename ourselves Family Health Center Amigos.
In 2011, our Board of Directors voted to broaden our mission, and to change our name to Family Healthcare Amigos (also known as FH Amigos) to reflect our expanded focus.  Throughout the years, our organization has contributed to many improvements at the clinic, including: painting the building's interiors and exterior, replacing tiles and carpets, purchasing new furniture, replacing the roof, and adding landscaping and sidewalks. As well as maintaining and improving the clinic's facilities, we have provided funding to purchase new medical equipment and supplies.
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